Using Temporary Car Insurance for Moving

Recently my car insurance policy with cheap women's car insurance company came to an end at the same time I found myself relocating due to a new position and needed to rent a moving van to haul my possessions to a new flat. I wanted protection for the moving vehicle in case I accidentally backed into somebody or I got into an accident at a busy intersection. In addition, I had some friends helping me move and they were going to be following me to my new home in my vehicle and I needed cover in case they were involved in a wreck. While I could get rental insurance through the moving company, it was rather expensive, and it did not address the problem of lack of cover for my friend’s usage of my automobile.

While I was having lunch with a co-worker, the subject of my move came up and my co-worker told me that when she moved she contacted a specialized insurance company that issues temporary car insurance in the UK. She needed to use temporary auto insurance policies to cover her mother in law when she came to visit for a few weeks and was driving their vehicle on occasion to visit with old friends and other relatives in the area while the car owners were at work. While the mother in law drove the vehicles without incident, the law required that she was insured with at least third party cover in order to drive.

The agent was very knowledgeable and courteously assisted me with my insurance questions while helping me compare rates and explaining current UK laws and regulations regarding auto insurance minimum requirements for cover in my situation. They were not only able to handle cover for the moving van I was driving at a less expensive rate than the moving rental company but they were able to provide me with temporary auto insurance cover for the friend who was going to be driving my vehicle to assist me with my move.

Our move started off without a hitch, we started around nine in the morning and had the moving van loaded by eleven. There was a four hour drive in stall for us and the sun had disappeared behind some gloomy clouds that looked heavy and menacing. We made sure we had our Bluetooth headsets charged in case we needed to talk hands free in case of an emergency and discussed our traveling route again. When we checked the GPS system it gave us an alternate route due to construction.

With the routes confirmed we set out for a rather uneventful first hour and a half. Then, a rainstorm broke out that was hindering visibility. I called my friend who was following the moving van in my vehicle and we decided to pull off at a local café for a late lunch to allow the rains to die down and let the visibility get better. We went inside and had a good meal, and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, my friend collided with another driver who was also backing out of a parking space. The damage that was done to my vehicle was covered by the comprehensive temporary insurance I had obtained. 


Copyright Mark Driscoll 2010